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General Public Services November 2022

Follow-up Reports 2022 Vol II issued by the National Audit Office

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The Auditor General, Mr. Charles Deguara presented to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Hon. Dr Anglu Farrugia, the second volume of follow-up audits report for 2022, comprising the results of four follow-up audit reports relating to audits conducted over the past few years.

As in the first volume of follow-up audits for 2022, the objectives of these audits were to follow up the extent of implementation of the main recommendations that had been made in the original audit reports.

An analysis on the degree of implementation of this Office’s recommendations was undertaken on the following past IT and Performance audits:

Follow-up Report by the Information Technology Section

• The Effective Use of Tablets in State, Church and Independent Primary Schools

Follow-up Reports by the Performance Audit Section

• Evaluation of Feed-In Tariff Schemes for Photovoltaics
• An Analysis of Issues Concerning the Cooperative Movement in Malta
• An Evaluation of the Community Work Scheme

NAO notes that, for the audits included in this Report, 77% of its recommendations were either implemented, in part or in full, or were in the process of being implemented by the Ministries and entities concerned.

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