The National Audit Office (NAO) recently hosted the Ambassadors of the Arab Republic of Egypt and of the People’s Republic of China.  During these high level official visits, Charles Deguara, Auditor General, Noel Camilleri, Deputy Auditor General, and Brian Vella, External Affairs Coordinator, highlighted the work being carried out within the Office, in line with its constitutional mandate of providing assurance to Parliament, and ultimately to our citizens, essentially that public funds were being used in an effective, efficient and economical manner and in line with standing rules and reguations.  It was also emphasised that throughout its work the NAO invariably follows the international public sector auditing standards, thus ensuring that all its audit Reports are of the required quality.  HE Mr Khaled Anis, Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt, accompanied by Mr Abram Wagdy, Second Secretary, visited the Office on Wednesday 19th July whilst HE Yu Dunhai, Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China, accompanied by Mr Liu Haitao, Embassy Head of the Political Section, paid an official visit yesterday, 26th July. As shown in attached photos, during both visits Mr Deguara presented to the respective Ambassador a copy of the recently issued ‘National Audit Office Annual Report and Financial Statements, 2022’ that, amongst other information, makes reference to the main achievements and activities undertaken by the Office during the last year.  Mr Deguara also emphasised that the NAO would like to enhance its bilateral cooperation with the respective national audit institutions of both countries; indeed, a high level delegation from the National Audit Office of China was going to pay an official visit to the NAO in March 2020 but unfortunately this visit had to be postponed at the last moment due to COVID restrictions.

The NAO is committed to further enhancing its bilateral relations with other Supreme Audit Institutions, a policy it has pursued in recent years. The aim is to increase the Office’s international visibility, facilitate the exchange of experiences of mutual interest, and enhance the professional competencies of its staff.

By fostering strong ties with international counterparts and showcasing its dedication to transparency and accountability, the NAO continues to play a pivotal role in promoting good governance and effective use of public resources.