In February 2016, the National Audit Office (NAO) and the National Statistics Office (NSO) signed their first bilateral Memorandum of Co-Operation with the principal objective of formalising their collaboration on issues of mutual interest. This agreement facilitated the exchange of information and data between the two entities, obviously within the established parameters of the fundamental values of independence and confidentiality. Essentially, this Memorandum reflected the Resolution of the Contact Committee (CC-R-2012-02) on national audit institutions’ cooperation, like the NAO, with Eurostat and national statistical institutions.

Following the expiry of this Memorandum in February 2022, both entities agreed to renegotiate a duly updated agreement, reflecting present day realities and circumstances. Following extensive discussions, a new Memorandum was signed today by Charles Deguara, Auditor General, and Etienne Caruana, Director General NSO, in the presence of Noel Camilleri, Deputy Auditor General, Brian Vella, Assistant Auditor General, and Dr Carl Noel Camilleri, Chairman of the Malta Statistics Authority, Owen Grech, Director Economic Statistics, and Mark Galea, Head of Public Finance Unit, from the NSO.