For the fifth successive year, the Auditor General, Mr. Charles Deguara, presented to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Anglu Farrugia, the NAO’s first volume of follow-up audit reports for 2021, comprising a compilation of nine write-ups.

The National Audit Office has once again identified various audits carried out in recent years with a view of monitoring the implementation or otherwise of the main recommendations made therein. Indeed, every creditable national audit institution is expected to have in place a reliable follow-up mechanism since ultimately enhancement of good governance is brought about through the timely implementation of its recommendations.

An analysis on the degree of implementation of the respective recommendations was undertaken on the following past Financial and Compliance audits:
• Mater Dei Hospital (Contractual and Professional Fees)
• Overseas Development Aid and European Development Funds
• Malta Philharmonic Orchestra
• Grand Harbour Regeneration Corporation
• Support to Voluntary Organisations and Civil Society Fund
• Junior College – Personal Emoluments
• Gozo Schools – Inventory and Cleaning Expenditure
• Civil Protection Department
• Detention Service
This year’s follow-up assignment indicates that 80% of the recommendations analysed by NAO were either implemented, in part or in full or were in the process of being implemented by the Ministries and entities concerned, while 20% showed no developments or little progress.

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