Within the context of the ongoing public consultation process launched by the Office of the President in connection with the reform of the Constitution, Auditor General Charles Deguara, presented to President George Vella, various proposals for amendments intended to strengthen the National Audit Office. The proposed Constitutional amendments are deemed necessary in order to render the National Audit Office more effective in its address of emerging issues and challenges, as well as in view of the office’s role in contributing to good governance across the public sector.

The delegation from the National Audit Office included Deputy Auditor General Noel Camilleri. Dr Denise Borg Muscat and Dr Amanda Borg coordinated the extensive consultation process within the office that led to the proposed legislative amendments. Supporting this process was Professor Ian Refalo, the office’s legal consultant.

The President conveyed his appreciation to the delegation for these proposals, a copy of which is hereby attached.

To view proposals for amendments (.PDF) please follow link