Practical Information

VISA Requirements: The citizens of those countries needing an Entry Visa to come to Malta are kindly requested to make contact with the Malta Embassy in their country or as otherwise stated in the following list. This list includes the Commonwealth Countries and where they need to apply for their Entry Visa. Shaded countries do not need a visa to enter Malta.

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The visa issuance procedure cannot be fast tracked and thus it is extremely important that participants requiring a visa to enter Malta submit their application as early as possible and, in any case, by not later than 20 days before their intended date of travel.

The CAGC2014 Organisation Team is in continuous contact with local authorities to facilitate visa issuance processes as much as possible. Thus, participants who encounter any difficulties as regards visa issuance are requested to inform us accordingly at once.

Conference Venue: The full duration of the Conference will be held in the imposing Grand Ballroom at the The Grand Hotel Excelsior, the same place of the proposed accommodation venue.

Free Wi-fi internet will be available in the Hotel’s public areas during the event.

Transport: Airport Transfers to and from hotel will be taken care by the CAGC2014 Organising Team. Therefore, it is very important that the correct Travel details are sent in the Forms provided. The Organising Team is to be informed immediately of any travel schedule changes which may be made. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by staff of our Organsation Team. By way of information, the trip from Malta International Airport to the Grand Hotel Excelsior takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Weather: Generally speaking, March in Malta offers extremely agreeable weather with mainly sunny periods and the occasional couple of rainy/cooler days. Generally, daytime temperature varies between 18 – 24 °C, while night time temperature varies between 8 – 12 °C. Sea temperature is at an average of 15°C. Average rainfall is at 40mm.

Currency: The currency used in Malta is the Euro which is easily found in all international banks and foreign exchange bureaux in every country.

For ease of use we are including an international currency site -

Mobile Networks: The main mobile operators in Malta are ‘Vodafone’, ‘GO’ and ‘Melita’. They all provide excellent network communication services.

Language: In Malta, both Maltese and English are recognised as official languages. Only the English language will be used throughout the duration of the Conference.

Electricity: In Malta, the electrical supply is 230 volts /- 10% whilst the frequency of the supply is 50 hertz. The three-pin rectangular plug system is used, as in the U.K.