Conference Theme – ‘Securing Independence of SAIs to Improve the Effectiveness of Reporting and Communication of Audit Findings’

Principal Papers:

Sub Theme 1 – Ensuring independence of SAIs for effective SAI reports. Supreme Audit Institutions strive to be independent organizations and to put into practice the principles defined in the INTOSAI Lima and Mexico Declarations but what does this mean in practice? In this session presenters are asked to describe new strategies or instruments to strengthen their independence in (a) identifying audit subject areas, (b) conducting fieldwork, and (c)  communicating audit results to relevant stakeholders.  The theme is also intended to stimulate the reinterpretation of state audit independence in the face of national and international challenges, opportunities and constraints.

Sub Theme 2 – Effective communication of audit findings to key audiences. This theme will examine how SAIs report to, and communicate with, key external audiences including PACs, the business community, civil society organizations, aid donors and multilateral or supranational organisations. Presenters are asked to highlight one or two of the techniques which they use to ensure the work they do is effective, topical and discussed/acted upon by the relevant partners or audiences. We are looking to learn about innovations but also to discuss challenges different audit offices face and how they might be overcome.

Country papers and Conference documents may be accessed through the CAGC2014 portal using the login details included in the invitation letter.