This morning the National Audit Office held a certificate presentation ceremony for those employees who completed modules of the International Certificate in Public Audit course namely, Audit and Assurance, International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS) and Financial Crime Investigations and Case Management.  This Professional Development Programme, being organised by the NAO in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) is partly-financed by the European Social Fund under Investment Priority 11i.

Mr Noel Camilleri, Deputy Auditor General said that the event marked an important milestone of the Professional Development Programme in that 43 employees have, so far, completed one or more of the modules offered   He stated that the NAO is becoming a ‘learning organisation’ where learning is facilitated and knowledge is shared. More importantly, its employees are willing to embrace change and innovation.  He congratulated staff on their achievement and encouraged them to continue to strive for excellence in their work related endeavours.      

In his address, Mr Charles Deguara, Auditor General joined the Deputy Auditor General in congratulating staff on their achievement and stressed the importance that the NAO continues to invest in its most valuable asset – human resources.  He said that had it not been for the NAO’s competent and resourceful staff compliment, the NAO would not have attained the excellent level of performance registered this year.  Mr Deguara thanked the Deputy Auditor General and the Manager, Finance and Administration, for the excellent organisation of these training modules and those present for their unwavering commitment to the Office. He also conveyed his appreciation to CIPFA for being such an invaluable partner and Ms Campbell for her active involvement in the running of the programme.        

Nicola Campbell, Head of Professional Education, CIPFA stated that in today’s fast paced world it was important for organisations such as the National Audit Office to continually look to develop new knowledge and skills in the areas of public audit  and financial management.  That was exactly what the CIPFA certificates enabled all successful participants in the programme to do.  Addressing NAO staff, Ms Campbell said that by completing these courses, participants could not only demonstrate their competences and capabilities in their respective roles but also that they have been recognised as participants in the CIPFA qualification and indeed attained the highest standards in International Public Financial Management.   She concluded by saying that The CIPFA qualifications are giving you the skills and knowledge you need to approach current issues, such as the changing roles of public audit and the financial challenges faced by the public sector in an informed manner”.