The National Audit Office has launched its strategy for the coming five years entitled Improving Governance and Performance across the Public Service. This new strategy document was presented by the Auditor General, Charles Deguara, to the Hon Speaker, Dr Anglu Farrugia, during an official visit to the Office in the presence of all NAO staff.

In his address, Mr Deguara made reference to the six strategic goals of the NAO Strategy - 2019-2023, namely:

a) To contribute towards ensuring accountability in the use of public resources;
b) To encourage and facilitate improvements in the quality of governance by advocating transparency in decision-making, contributing well-informed reports to parliamentary and public debate, disseminating good practice, promoting value for money and catalysing changes to administrative practice and procedure;
c) To become a leader in selected fields of public sector audit and to be acknowledged as a centre of excellence and expertise within Maltese public administration;
d) To cultivate mutually beneficial working relationships with auditees, scrutineers and peers, within the constraints set by ethical standards requiring the professional independence of external state auditors;
e) To increase the value for money yielded by state audit; and
f) To formulate audit plans on established criteria, with particular focus on materiality and risk.

He emphasised that this important document, which will provide strategic direction to the Office for the coming five years, was ultimately the result of an extensive consultation process both within the Office, essentially involving all NAO employees, as well as with other external stakeholders including Permanent Secretaries across the public sector.  Mr Deguara thanked Professor Edward Warrington who guided the extensive and often complex process leading to the formulation of the strategy. On his part, Hon Speaker, Dr Anglu Farrugia, conveyed his heartfelt appreciation for the sterling work being undertaken by the NAO.  He pledged to continue following the excellent reports produced by this Office’s staff and encouraged management and all employees to continue carrying out their duties without fear or favour, thus safeguarding the Office’s autonomy.  He praised the Office for this strategic plan which should ultimately ensure that the NAO is in the best possible position to carry out its Constitutional mandate in the coming years.

To view National Audit Office Strategy – 2019-2023 (.PDF) please follow link.

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