Mr Huw Vaughan Thomas, Auditor General of the Wales Audit Office, made an official visit to the National Audit Office, Malta, where he was welcomed by Charles Deguara, Auditor General, and Noel Camilleri, Deputy Auditor General.  The discussions, which involved also the participation of Brian Vella, Assistant Auditor General dealing with International Affairs, and Ian Rizzo, Manager, Finance and Administration, focused mostly on identifying further areas of collaboration between the two public sector audit offices especially in so far as cooperation in the organisation of staff professional development programmes are involved.  Incidentally, recently Susan Morgan and Anthony Barrett, both from the Wales Audit Office, visited Malta during which they delivered an excellent training programme for NAO staff on Issue Analysis Drawing Conclusions and on Self-Editing.  During the meeting, particular reference was made to the Code of Audit Practice, issued by the Wales Audit Office on 1 May 2018, which in essence prescribes the way in which the Auditor General’s audit and certain other functions are to be exercised, and embodies what appears to the Auditor General to be best professional practice.