The National Audit Office (NAO) in collaboration with the European Court of Auditors (ECA)
organised another Joint Seminar with the theme ‘Audit follow-up in the Public Sector: Enhancing
Accountability’. In his opening address, Auditor General, Charles Deguara, highlighted the
importance on the part of every national audit institution of ensuring timely implementation of the
recommendations made in its various reports. In his keynote speech, Maltese Member within the
ECA, Leo Brincat, gave an extensive overview of the important role and objectives of the ECA
highlighting the fact that ultimately ‘the key stakeholder remains the ordinary citizen and tax payer
who, more than ever, expect the EU institutions to address their concerns and deliver on promises
and commitments made’. He also made reference to the first keynote speech made by the ECA
President, Klaus-Heiner Lehne, who emphasized the need on the part of our citizens to rebuild their
trust in the EU Institutions.

This was followed by a presentation by Director in the Directorate of the Presidency of the ECA,
Martin Weber, on ‘Maximising our Contribution to Member States’ Public Accountability’ who
dealt with the fundamental role of the ECA in promoting accountability, one of its core values as
clearly stated in the latest Strategy Report issued by the ECA, in the use of EU funds by the
Member States. In his speech on ‘NAO’s Report – Government’s Follow-Up’, Principal Permanent
Secretary, Mario Cutajar, made reference to the Governance Reports issued by his Office during
these last two years which analysed the status of implementation of the various recommendations
put forward by the NAO during its Annual Audit Report which comprises various Financial and
Compliance audits. He emphasised that this duly reflected Government’s commitment to promoting
the values of accountability and transparency across the Maltese public service. The seminar was
concluded by a presentation made by Deputy Auditor General, Noel Camilleri, who gave an
extensive overview of the new initiative taken up this year by the NAO to issue a Follow-Up Report
on a number of audits, undertaken by the Financial and Compliance, Performance Audit and Special
Audits and Investigations Sections, during these last years. He also presented an extensive analysis
of the implementation rate in respect of all the selected follow-up audits selected in respect of this
year’s Report.

This seminar was attended by the Chair and Members of the Public Accounts Committee, the
Permanent Secretaries and senior officials across the public service, and staff from the National
Audit Office as well as the Internal Audit and Investigations Department.