A delegation from the European Court of Auditors (ECA) led by Leo Brincat, Maltese member of
the Court, and Martin Weber, Director – Directorate of the Presidency, visited the National Audit
Office (NAO) for official talks with the Auditor General, Charles Deguara, and the Assistant
Auditor General dealing with International Affairs, Brian Vella, regarding the further enhancement
of collaboration between the two entities. The ECA delegation also included Neil Kerr and Annette
Farrugia, Head of Cabinet and Member of the Cabinet respectively, of Brincat’s private office.

During the meeting, both sides gave an update of recent developments within both entitities,
emphasising the fact that promoting the fundamental values of accountability and transparency was
of critical importance to both the ECA as well as the NAO. In this regard, reference was also made
to the seminar being organised jointly by the two entities on ‘Audit Follow-up in the Public Sector:
Enhancing Accountability’, as well as the Liaison Officers Contact Committee Meeting which will
be organised in Malta by the NAO in May 2018.

Another meeting was held by the ECA delegation with Amanda Zammit, Director General at the
Internal Audit and Investigations Department which, amongst other duties, is responsible for the
auditing of EU funds.