Performance Audits





Safeguarding Malta's Groundwater, Feb 2012

Employment Opportunities for Registered Disabled Persons, March 2012

Contract Management Capabilities across Local Councils, April 2012

An Analysis of the Pharmacy Of Your Choice Scheme, May 2012

Vehicle Emissions Control Schemes, June 2012

Tackling Problem Drug Use in Malta, Oct 2012

Advertising Malta as a Tourist Destination - A case study of the Italian Market, Dec 2012


Renewable Energy in Malta - Follow-up, Feb 2011

Road Surface Repairs on the Arterial and Distributor Road Network, March 2011

Achieving a Healthier Nutrition Environment in Schools, May 2011

Flexible Work Arrangements for Public Employees, June 2011

Dealing with Asylum Applications, July 2011


Inter Vivos Transfer of Property, March 2010

Physical Education and Sport in State Primary and Secondary Schools, May 2010

Child Care Arrangements for Public Employees, July 2010

Implementing producer responsibility for packaging waste in Malta, September 2010

Malta Communications Authority – Regulation of the Universal Postal Service, November 2010


Water Loss Control Management by the Water Services Corporation, March 2009

Vehicle Emissions Control Schemes, July 2009

Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency in Malta, September 2009

Procurement Capability across the Public Administration, October 2009


Structural Funds: Environmental Programme, October 2008


Reviewing VAT Liability: VAT Investigations and Credit Control Exercises, March 2007


The Functions of the Tax Compliance Unit, July 2006

ETC’s job matching service: Meeting the requirements of employers and registered job seekers, July 2006


Quality of Life for the Elderly at St. Vincent de Paul Residence, May 2005

Improving the Management of Road Projects, September 2005


Managing Procurement - Road Construction and Restoration Contracts, January 2004

Acquisition of Property by Government, March 2004

Inventory Strategy and Distribution of Pharmaceutical Products - Health Division, November 2004


Preventing and Dealing with Pollution from Ships at Sea and in Ports, July 2003


Licensing and Testing Department, February 2002

School Transport System: Education Division, September 2002

School Information System: Education Division, December 2002


Primary Health Care: The General Practitioners Function within Health Centres, January 2001

Promoting Heritage Sites: Museums Department, February 2001

Department of Consumer Affairs, March 2001

Government Transport, May 2001

Countryside Section: Environment Protection Department, July 2001


Internal Audit Function within Government Ministries, January 2000

VAT Department Inspectorate Unit, October 2000